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Your Introduction to the Move-Assure Dance for Mental Wellbeing Programme

Darcey Bussell: Welcome to Move-Assure our Dance for Mental Wellbeing Programme. 
I’m Dame Darcy Bussell

Peter Lovatt: and I’m Dr Peter Lovatt.  
Peter: Dance is fantastic for mental wellbeing, scientific research shows that it helps to build confidence, improves relationships, and our thinking skills.
Darcey: Dancing also lifts people’s mood and, of course, it improves physical wellbeing too. 
Peter: In our Dance for Mental Wellbeing programme, each session is about 20 minutes – long enough to help you feel great,
Darcey: short enough to fit into your day. We recommend that you do three sessions per week and that you keep dancing with us for 20 weeks.
Peter: This is a graded dance programme, which means that at the beginning we’ll teach you some new moves and then, as the programme progresses and you’ve learnt the routines, we’ll jump straight in and get groovy.
Darcey: In total you’ll learn 17 dances, which have been inspired by different cultures and styles of movement.  Our Move-Assure Dance for Mental Wellbeing sessions are available on-line – which means you can do them anytime and anywhere – but probably maybe not in the shower!
Peter: Did you know, that at the end of each session, Darcey and I chat about the links between science and dancing – in a feature we’ve called ‘Did you know?’.   
Darcey: Our Move-Assure Team consists of myself who has created the dances and music and Peter who provides the scientific evidence-base.  
Peter: We are so grateful for the support of a team of expert mental health clinicians, focus-group members and experts by experience who have helped us to develop this great programme.
Darcey: Our Dance for Mental Wellbeing programme is for anyone who wants to improve their mental wellbeing through movement and dance.
Peter: So join us at move-assure.com – and enjoy dancing with us.