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Any exercise is not without inherent risks and any exercises may result in injury or illness. We therefore advise you to consult a doctor before attempting any physical exercise programme. The exercises demonstrated in this programme have been carefully categorised and constructed for the purposes described, but they may not be suitable for everyone. If you engage in this exercise programme, you agree that you do so at entirely your own risk, and you further agree that you will follow the instructions given in this programme in all respects. We exclude to the fullest extent permitted by law any and all liability for injuries that may arise from and in connection with the exercises demonstrated in this programme.

Please also take account of the following general advice:

Do not exercise if you are feeling unwell, faint or dizzy, or if you have eaten a heavy meal in the last two hours, or if you have been drinking alcohol.

If you are in pain or have sustained any injury, consult your doctor before undertaking any of the exercises.

Do not exercise if you are taking pain-killers – they will mask any warning pain.

If you are undergoing medical treatment or taking drugs, consult your doctor before exercising.

Always stop any exercise if it causes pain.

If you are in any doubt at all about the applicability to you of any of the routines in this programme, do not attempt them.

Although many of these exercises may be fine for use in pregnancy, we cannot recommend that you follow them, as this programme has not been made with pregnancy in mind.

Class Liability Waiver and Release

Please remind yourself of the terms of our liability waiver and release here

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