Social Prescribing

The Move-Assure Dance for Mental Wellbeing Programme can be used to support social prescribing referrals.

Social prescribing is a key component of Universal Personalised Care.

Move-Assure can play an important part in the development of a person’s co-produced personalised plan, based on what matters to the individual, especially for individuals who want to improve their mental wellbeing, and who love (or loved) to dance.

Move-Assure Social Prescribing 1

The Move-Assure Dance for Mental Wellbeing Programme is a two-component model, consisting of Move-Assure Essential (including 60 dance sessions and weekly wellbeing tips) and Move-Assure Coaching (including weekly, group or private coaching sessions).

Move-Assure Essential is delivered through a digital online platform, for anytime, flexible access from a computer, tablet, phone or App.

Move-Assure Coaching is delivered either in person (as part of a local community group) or live online (using Zoom) – or as a hybrid model – for ongoing, consistent, support.

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Move-Assure works collaboratively with commissioners, social prescribing link workers and partners.

Our simple, flexible enrolment processes make referrals easy for all agencies – from commissioning, payment, and referral to individual enrolment and ongoing support.

Move-Assure Social Prescribing 2

The Move-Assure Team consists of Darcey Bussell who has created the dances and music, Lindsey Lovatt, a mental health specialist and former AHP lead, who created the mental wellbeing content and Peter Lovatt who provides the scientific evidence-base.

We are so grateful for the support of a team of expert mental health clinicians, focus-group members and experts by experience who have helped us develop this great programme.

Our Dance for Mental Wellbeing programme is for anyone who wants to improve their mental wellbeing through movement and dance.

So join us today, in our Move-Assure Dance for Mental Wellbeing Programme.

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